Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Farewell to 2009 and on we go!

It is snowing lightly here and everything looks so fresh and clean. A nice touch to the ending of another year, which has been wrought with ups and downs, the whole year.
Let’s all put on a new hat and plow into 2010 with joy and enthusiasm. We can bring out the best in all of us by being positive as we go forward. We, at our house, wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year and only good things for you at your house.
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Farewell to 2009 again

It is snowing lightly here and everything looks so fresh and clean. A nice touch to the ending of another year, that has been wrought with ups and downs the whole year.
Lets all put on a new hat and plow into 2010 with joy and enthusiasm. We can bring out the best in all of us by being positive as we go forward. We at our house wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year and only good things for you at your house.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have a happy day, see some nice pictures!

We often let little things like looking at some nice pictures,get forgotten when they are the best thing to boost our feelings and get rid of the blues. I am going to share a few of my favorites with you and hope they made you smile! And while you are looking at the pictures sing with me, "Smile awhile and chase your cares away, smile awhile and chase the blues away,"

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feel Terrific for New Years Eve - Do This!

Want to feel terrific for New Years Eve? You sure do and I can tell you how to do this. When we dress up and put on something that sparkles we begin to shine deep in our being and we feel great, laugh more, talk more and generally have a nice time. I like to feel great everyday and so I get up, get dressed and put on some Jewellery. It is the best medicine for a sleepy and blah morning. This was something I learned long ago that you can function better when you look your best. Don't think you can't do this if you don't have really good clothes or expensive jewellery because you can look great in a $1.00 necklace or pair of earrings from the dollar store or a $1,000.00 pair of earrings from the Jeweller. A T-shirt and pair of jeans and long dangly earrings, looks great and you will sail through your day feeling like a Million Dollar Babe. I know where you can get fabulous jewellery and the price is so reasonable and it all looks like it cost hundreds of dollars. Super Quality and pieces that suit everyone from plain to super fancy.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to all.

Wishing you and yours the joys of the holiday season, fun with family, and leisurely walks, and cocoa by the fire. Have a happy and healthy New Year.

Karen,owner,webmaster,networker,seeker of health

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Healing with Mangosteen Juice

Have you ever heard of a Xanthone? This is probably the most potent antioxidant you have ever heard of. It comes from the tropical forests of South East Asia, and is called a Mangosteen,a fruit very rich in flavor. It is known in South East Asia as a super fruit and people there have long known of its great antioxidant properties. No other fruit is known to have such a high ranking of super antioxidants called a Xanthone, of which it has over 40, most of which are found in the outer covering. These Xanthones are a group of compounds that protect your cells from free radicals, toxins, support our immune systems, fight inflammation in many diseases, and helps balance the bodies intestinal system and reduce allergies. I use this product every day and love it and how it makes me feel.
One day I burnt myself and I thought if its so good I will put some on my burn, so I put some of the juice on a piece of kleenex and slapped it on my burn, it kind of stung for a minute and then it stopped paining and in the morning I could hardly see where I had burnt myself. So now we use it for sores, mosquito bites,poltices, give it to the dog, and drink about 1 to 2 ounces per day. I wish we had discovered this many years ago. My hat is off to the young men who found this fruit, built a company called Xango and brought it to us in its purest form. Straight fruit ground up and bottled, no water and no sugar. If you are suffering and want to learn more about it you are welcome to contact me. A friend of ours had gout really bad and his toe was so swollen he could hardly walk for the pain. We gave him some of the juice and after 2 or 3 days he called and could not believe the results, his toe was pain free and no longer swollen, his Doctor was very impressed as well. Guess what he drinks it now and loves it too.

Karen,owner,webmaster,networker,seeker of health

This is the 3rd of 3 Proven Flat Belly Foods from an article in Prevention Magazine. I know we all want a flat belly and now is the time to really think about how we can accomplish this.
PROTEIN: It doesn't just build muscle, it fights belly fat too. Korean researchers found that adults eating more protein lost about 2 more pounds of belly fat than those who ate less protein and more carbs, aim for about 25% of your calories from protein - that's 100g if you eat 1,600 calories a day. Protein also helps you feel more satisfied, so include some of these lean protein packed foods at each meal.
Cottage cheese (1/2C)= 14g protein Soybeans (1 C)= 22g protein
Brown Rice and Beans (1 C)= 26g Protein Eggs (2) = 14g Protein
Tuna (22g) = 22g Protein Beef Tenderloin (3 oz( = 23g Protein
Fat Free Milk (1C) = 8g Protein Lentil Soup (1C) = 18g Protein
Chicken Breast,skinless (3oz)= 10g Protein Fat free Yogurt (6oz)= 7g Protein
Veggie Burger (1) = 11g Protein Quinoa (1C) = 8g Protein

Karen-Owner and webmaster, seeker of health.

2nd of 3 Proven Flat Belly Foods

Further to my blog on Stress and Belly fat, from Prevention Magazine, here is the second of 3 Proven Flat Belly Foods that they recommend.
NUTS: Apparently Research from the City of Hope National Center in Duarte, Ca. found that dieters who ate a few ounces of almonds a day downsized their waistlines by about 6 1/2 inches in 24 weeks - nearly 50% more than those who ate the same number of calories without the nuts. Scientists speculate that the nut eaters benefited from additional fiber. Just keep your portions to a handful - about a 1-once serving - because they are high in calories. Also note that Almonds provide Vitamin E, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Fiber and Monounsaturated fat. They contain more Calcium than any other nut. Almonds are considered good for the heart, and prevention of Cancer and could lengthen your life.
It's a nice idea to have a little bowl of Almonds on the table, over Christmas Holidays or any time, for your guests to nibble on. You will feel good that you contributed to their health in some small way.
Almonds 20-24 whole = 160 calories Brazil Nuts 6-8 = 190 calories
Cashews 16-18 = 160 calories Hazelnuts 18-20 = 180 calories
Macadamias 10-12 = 200 calories Peanuts 28 = 170 calories
Pecans 18-20 halves= 200 calories Pine Nuts 150-157 = 160 calories
Pistachios 45-47 = 160 calories Walnuts 14 halves = 190 calories

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A new Social Network Site

A new social network site started up a few months ago called Free to join, set up a profile and start meeting people from all over the world. Discuss topics, tell about your business, your groups, where you live and many other exciting topics. You can create groups, join other groups, and learn a lot about the internet from people in the know. We now have a new hellohello toolbar that puts all the tools in one spot, easily accessible and easy to operate. Look at how fast Facebook grew, we at hellohello are just amazed how many people are joining us that are also on Facebook, Twitter and myspace. We have just launched a business side of hellhello that we can advertise our business, sell things etc, very exciting website.
If you would like to take a look click on my link at the bottom of this blog and it will take you to the social site, where you can see what is going on. You have to log in, just remember it is free. If you want to find out more about the business side, there are links that you will see on the social site.

Karen Hughes

1st of 3 Proven Flat Belly Foods

Further to my blog on Stress and Belly fat, from Prevention Magazine, here is the first of 3 Proven Flat Belly Foods that they recommend.
Whole Grains: In a Pennsylvania State University study, dieters who ate whole grains, shed more than twice as much ab fat as those that didn't eat them. Whole Grains reduce production of insulin, a hormone that encourages fat storage, which might make it easier to lose belly fat.
Instead of Refined Cereal - try - Whole grain cereal or oatmeal
Instead of White bread - try - Whole wheat bread
Instead of White pasta - try - Whole wheat pasta
Instead of White rice - try - Brown rice
Try this from my kitchen: put a half cup of rolled oats into a cup and a half of water and start to boil, as it cooks pour in a 1/2 cup of whole grain cereal such as Sunny Boy cereal. It cooks quickly, when thickened pour into your bowl and add some milk. It tastes really good, but if you like it sweeter try some maple syrup for flavor. Believe me you won't be hungry for hours.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stress and Belly Fat

I was reading Prevention Magazine today and came across an article that interested me. Belly Fat! It is on everyone's mind these days. They stated that eating right and exercising regularly helps ward off both stress and belly fat,but only if you're getting enough sleep. Skimping on sleep causes levels of the stress hormone cortisol to rise,along with levels of deep abdominal fat. "There's a definite association between lack of sleep,increased stress hormones,and weight gain," says Olson. In a 6 year study Canadian researchers found that adults who averaged just 5 or 6 hours of shut-eye a night were 35% more likely to gain 10-plus pounds and were nearly 60% heavier around the middle than those who slept 7 to 8 hours.
Let's all make a goal - 7 hours or bust, I mean Belly!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remember This

We in Canada have just had Remembrance Day and now People in the United States of America will be having a day of Remembrance as well. It is a time of remembering all those that gave their lives to keep us free. We join you in bowing our heads while we Remember.

Why the Poppy?
Today, fields of brilliant poppies still grow in France.
A writer first made the connection between the poppy and battlefield deaths during the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th century, remarking that fields that were barren before battle exploded with the blood-red flowers after the fighting ended.
During the tremendous bombardments of the First World War the chalk soils became rich in lime from rubble, allowing 'popaver rhoeas' to thrive. When the war ended the lime was quickly absorbed, and the poppy began to disappear again.
After John McCrae's poem In Flanders Fields was published in 1915 the poppy became a popular symbol for soldiers who died in battle.
Three years later an American, Moina Michael, was working in a New York City YMCA canteen when she started wearing a poppy in memory of the millions who died on the battlefield.
During a 1920 visit to the United States a French woman, Madame Guerin, learned of the custom. On her return to France she decided to use handmade poppies to raise money for the destitute children in war-torn areas of the country. In November,1921, the first poppies were distributed in Canada.
Thanks to the millions of Canadians who wear flowers each November, the little red plant has never died. And neither have Canadian's memories for 116,031 of their countrymen who died in battle


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vintage Wisdom from the Past

Vintage wisdom from the past when recycle was the norm and not a new catch phrase.
Mom’s survival tips from the depression, when rice sacks were made into pillowcases and aprons.
Just wash them out good and the colored print on the outside came off, and you were ready to make a pillowcase, an apron, or garment for a little girl or boy.
Times were tough and there was some joy in making something out of nothing.
Mom always used old bed sheets for patching worn out quilts, sewing patches onto the elbows of worn shirts and the thin pieces were cut out and used for washing rags, floor wash rags and polishing cloths. Small squares were cut into handkerchief sizes, these were much easier on the nose than some of the paper wipes we have today.
The strong outer edges of the old sheets were cut into long strips and neatly folded and stored in a clean place to be used for bandages. We would wrap up skinned knees; twisted ankles were wrapped as though it was a tensor bandage. When you had a cold Watkins menthol rub was slathered on your neck and wrapped up with a sheet strip.
When you had a really bad cold Mom would get out a nice soft piece of bed sheet and smooth Goose grease on your chest then place the soft cloth, with a paste made of flour, water and dry mustard spread on it, onto your chest. Another soft cloth was place on top of all this mess and you were covered up and left to cook. It was quite an operation that we hated as kids, but we got better in a hurry.
When I got married I took many of these handy hints with me. One Christmas my little daughter got a nurse kit as a gift and she instantly became Nurse Nancy and her little brother became Dr. Bluenose, when Daddy came home he was led to the couch to be nursed back to health. Ab Doman as he was called laid down and was wrapped from head to toe with my lovely bed sheet strips, he looked like a mummy. It was so funny , but I was running out of sheet trips very fast. And Daddy was running out of patience.
To this day I keep some strips in my drawer as a safety precaution, you never now when you might need a nice clean piece of cloth. They are great for polishing the furniture, the brass, and the silverware or tying up the newspapers when you have run out of string..
Big pieces of bed sheets make good tea towels as they absorb the water from the dishes and leave them nice and shiny. Cut a flannel bed sheet into four squares and you have perfect little blankets for baby, nice and soft on tender skin. They were often cut into squares and used for diapers on the babies. (These were the kind folded into a triangle and wrapped around baby and pinned with two pins, very effective.) Just wash and reuse, how easy and convenient.
I actually think the ChattaNooga Shoe Shine Boy had strips of his moms old bed sheets. That’s why he became so famous when he fanned the air and made them pop.
The bed sheets in those days were pretty much organic as chemicals etc had not been used at that point and the cottons were so nice and soft yet strong.
I know where you can get some Organic Cotton bedding that you can cut up after you have worn them out.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is a girl to do?

What a night we had the Wind was howling and the power blew out and stayed out all night. Thank goodness for my warm featherbed and pure down comforter from Sheer Heaven Luxury Bedding. I was warm and cozy sitting in the dark drinking my hot chocolate, lucky I had boiled the kettle just before the power zapped off. Burnt my finger finding the right level of water in my cup but what the heck, I was warm and cozy sitting with the curtain open watching the trees flap around in the wind, and drinking my hot chocolate. What else was a girl to do ! Hey, Have a great day!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

What a Day!

What a day this is the wind is howling, rain is coming down sideways and I am freezing cold. Can you think of a better day than to go shopping?
Have a look at, this site has a huge selection of Bedding, Towels, robes, Room air filters. Pet beds that are organic. You will find an array of silks, Egyptian cottons, Organic cottons, Designer decorator pillows and duvet covers, Pure and natural wools, goose down, featherbeds and comforters. How about a bed in a bag in lots of colors.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Toxins in our Cosmetics???

Beware of what is in your cosmetics, lotions, deodorants,
antiperspirants, creams, body sprays, pharmaceutical products
and food.
It was reported earlier this year that English researchers identified
parabens in samples of breast tumors. Parabens (alkyl esters of
p-hydroxbenzoic acid) are being widely used as antimicrobial
preservatives in thousands of cosmetics, personal care products,
pharmaceutical products and food.
Six commonly used forms are: (Methylparaben, Ethylparaben,
p-Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, n-Butylparaben and Benzylparaben).
It is estimated that they are used in at least 13,200 cosmetics products.
Philippa Darbre, an oncology expert at the University of Reading, in
Edinburgh, the chemical form of the parabens found in 18 of the 20 tumors
tested indicated that they originated from something applied to the skin,
the most likely candidates being deodorants, antiperspirants, creams or
body sprays.
Remember these names and check every label before you buy. If no
ingredients are listed don’t buy it or look at the same product in USA and
you will see the ingredients. Canada still may not be required to list all
Be aware and check even our natural products to be sure they are totally
free of any toxic ingredients.
Taken from Organic Consumers Asociation newsletter, subject: Cosmetics, Parabens, and Breast Cancer/

Are you depressed! or Got Jet Lag!

Have you heard of bHip energy drink?
I had just heard of it in July of last year before it launched on the market in september of 2008. No kidding this drink is so good. Sugar free so it is diabetic friendly. We found our energy was almost instant, within 15 minutes and lasted all day.
My husband works very hard and comes come extremely tired, and is amazed at the energy he now has on only 1 in the morning. What I liked best there are no spikes and no crashes like can be experienced with some energy drinks. And guess what! I lost weight without even trying, what a bonus.
I am the worst airline passenger, suffering jet lag for many trips and many years of being dizzy for a day or two after my flight. I went to the launch of this company in Las Vegas in 2008 and took one of the drinks before I left for the airport at 6:00 am and to my amazement I felt great the whole trip, no jet lag no fright attacks, just a wonderful trip and I was actually talking to people. When I landed I felt good too and didn't actually tire out until 11:00pm.
I love the handy little 1 serving packets it comes in. With 30 to a box you are good for a month.
Just pour the powder into your water bottle or big glass of water, shake or stir and drink.
One cannot take any liquid on an airplane anymore so these are great, take a few in our pocket, order a water on board and your good to go. I call it my b-shot in a glass.
Needless to say we joined the company. Many people are looking for a good opportunity to create income that can offer some stability and a future to look forward to.
Are you ready to step out of the box?
Check out any of these websites to learn more and meet our team: , , or
Join us and build yourself a great business and feel super good while your at it.
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