Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are you depressed! or Got Jet Lag!

Have you heard of bHip energy drink?
I had just heard of it in July of last year before it launched on the market in september of 2008. No kidding this drink is so good. Sugar free so it is diabetic friendly. We found our energy was almost instant, within 15 minutes and lasted all day.
My husband works very hard and comes come extremely tired, and is amazed at the energy he now has on only 1 in the morning. What I liked best there are no spikes and no crashes like can be experienced with some energy drinks. And guess what! I lost weight without even trying, what a bonus.
I am the worst airline passenger, suffering jet lag for many trips and many years of being dizzy for a day or two after my flight. I went to the launch of this company in Las Vegas in 2008 and took one of the drinks before I left for the airport at 6:00 am and to my amazement I felt great the whole trip, no jet lag no fright attacks, just a wonderful trip and I was actually talking to people. When I landed I felt good too and didn't actually tire out until 11:00pm.
I love the handy little 1 serving packets it comes in. With 30 to a box you are good for a month.
Just pour the powder into your water bottle or big glass of water, shake or stir and drink.
One cannot take any liquid on an airplane anymore so these are great, take a few in our pocket, order a water on board and your good to go. I call it my b-shot in a glass.
Needless to say we joined the company. Many people are looking for a good opportunity to create income that can offer some stability and a future to look forward to.
Are you ready to step out of the box?
Check out any of these websites to learn more and meet our team: , , or
Join us and build yourself a great business and feel super good while your at it.
Nice to talk to you today, you can call me if you like. Karen 604-855-8864

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