Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is your lipstick safe ???

I was horrified to read how toxic some of our lipsticks are. I felt so lovely until I tried this simple test to see if there was lead in my lipstick.
Try this test: dab a small bit of your lipstick onto the back of your hand and then rub it with a gold ring. If there is lead in the lipstick it will turn black.

WELL !!! just imagine how my beauty suddenly faded when all of my 14 tubes turned various shades of black, and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. So off I went to my safe cosmetics site,, and started to read the results of the lipstick tests.
BE AWARE, BE SAFE and go to and click on Cosmetic Data Base Skin Deep (on the right hand side of the page) and see how your lipstick scores.

Karen,owner,webmaster,networker,seeker of health

Monday, January 4, 2010

After Christmas Blues got you down?

You are not alone, many people have such fears and worries,after the Merry Christmas Season. All the nice words from friends: like don’t worry, forget about it, etc. don’t work at all.
Lets start to retune our minds with words like:
Thank You for this good life I have.
Think about the good things we have, families that love us, a friend, our pet.
Think Big – I can do it, I am smart, I am friendly, I am good to be with, I am great.
Think how special you are.
Think how important you are to your family, your friends, clients and yourself.

Make yourself a list of how good you are and post it on the fridge so you will see it daily.
Tell yourself these things every day in front of the mirror, OUT LOUD.

Forget about the bad things: Every time a bad thought creeps into your mind, smile and say to yourself “I am so happy to be me and I feel Great”. Pretty soon you will have retuned your thinking totally.
Let me know how you are making out with this little program, is it working for you?

Some exercises you can do to boost your great feeling: Say hello to your neighbours,Open the door for someone,say Thank You when someone does something nice for you,and smile it shows happiness in your eyes, lift up your shoulders,raise your chin, and walk with a purpose.

Want to connect with happy people? Check out this link, it's free, just sign up.

Karen,owner,webmaster,networker,seeker of health

Saturday, January 2, 2010

CHEERS! to the juice that heals - Believe it or Not.

It is not witches brew, it's honest to goodness pure fruit puree juice. I first learned of Mangosteen juice, by Xango, several years ago, and we have been using it and trying out some variations with it.
It has been tested by Doctors and many people who could not believe the power it has to help you heal.
I can only tell you how my family and I have responded to it's use. Taken daily (only 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per day) it has helped us stay healthy and feeling great.
Here is a list of uses we have found:
1. Heals burns fast and stops the pain in several minutes.
2. Heals bug bites fast.
3. As a poulice it reduces inflamation fast.
4. Helped an azheimers patient come back to recognising the family.
5. Helps cancer patients deal with chemo side effects, and doesn't
interfere with the treatment.
6. Does not interfere with any medication, it's only fruit juice.
7. Great for Acne, we put some in cream and applied it to the face.
8. Can give it to children, they love it.
9. Dogs and cats are helped by it too. Flees don't seem to like them very much when they are drinking Mangosteen Juice by Xango. The animals love it!
10. Totally got rid of tumors in my friends Thyroid, Doctor was impressed.

Other Facts: No added sugar, No water, Only fruit added for sweetness, all ground up and bottled, First to market with this product, 25 year patent, Most potent antioxidant known so far,called a Xanthone, no other Mangosteen product compares.
Do you have any reasons why you should not be taking Mangosteen by Xango? I welcome your comments.

Karen,owner,webmaster,networker,seeker of health