Friday, April 30, 2010

I was watching a commercial today about powdered whitner for your
Tea or Coffee. They showed feeding the milk to the cat and having this powder product for your coffee. I was horrified, being very interested in health and the issues that lead to bad health, I cringed. What is in that stuff? Do you know, read the labels before you try is always a good idea. We went camping one summer and someone brought some of the whitener cause milk goes bad so fast without a fridge. We were laughing because someone said you can light the fire with it, well we decided to test it out and poured some on our kindling, light a match and boy were we surprised when it immediately burst into flame. Now I would not use that in anything I drink anyway because I do not believe it is healthy for me. But we buy it all the time now to keep on hand at our camp to start the fire or barbecue. The joke is always, hey mom did you bring the fire starter?
The Moral of the story is this: Don't believe everything you see or hear, read the labels for yourself and be aware of the ingredients in products that come in packages.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

6 things to know for your Ph level

Do you know your Ph level?

1. What is Ph level?
Ans. The ph is the level of acidity/alkalinity of your body.

2. How do you know if it is good or bad?
Ans. You can get little rolls of ph paper from the drug store. Tear off a small piece and dip it into a sample of the first urine of the day, collected mid stream.

3. How do I read the test?
Ans. Take your test paper and immediately compare the color to the color code that is on the ph paper dispenser, that will tell you your ph level.

4. What is a good ph level?
Ans. A good range for Ph is between 6.2 and 7.4. Did you know that water is perfectly balanced at 7.0.

5. What if I am too Acidic?
Ans. Time to take action! Your immune system can be impaired, hair can become weak, colds and flu are more common, Vitamins and Minerals may not be absorbed well,and connective tissue can become weak. If you remain too Acidic you will begin to burn out as you get older.

Here is what to do: Try cutting back on processed foods, salted peanut butter, artificial sweeteners,pastries, alcoholic drinks, proteins. Also cut back on things that stress your body like strenuous exercise. Eat lots of vegetables cooked and raw, Fruits and berries, rooibus teas, Almonds, sprouts, extra virgin Olive Oil, and drink lots of good filtered water. (PAW is best, Ozonated and ionized water are great too) Do not use any GMO foods. Read the can on canned goods to be sure.

6. What if I am too Alkaline?
Ans. If you are about 7.6 to 8.00 for a few weeks, it is time to take Action? When you remain above 8 you are getting into a slow, low energy and lethargic zone, which can turn serious unless you change your eating habits. PLEASE NOTE: This state is rare unless you are a Vegan and not getting any protein. Kidneys can be effected as they fight to correct the acid producting diet.

Here is what to do? I would suggest eating more protein, like beef, lobster, chicken, lamb, fish, rolled oats, salted peanut butter and some cheese. This will bring your Ph up fast, but don't go overboard, go slow and keep testing until you can see you are near balanced and then be sure to eat foods from both Acidic foods 25% and Alkaline 75% foods.

Try to remain as Balanced as possible, if you flip up and down you could experience mood swings and suddenly feel exhausted or out of energy. Don't dispair just get out there and enjoy life?

Karen,owner,webmaster,networker,seeker of health
Hints and tips for good health, plus bHip Energy drink and Mangosteen products that are amazing for your health.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glimpse the New Face Creams by Xango

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Hints and tips for good health, plus bHip Energy drink and Mangosteen products that are amazing for your health.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vitamin D Deficiency, My thoughts on this.

I hate to say it but most North Americans are deficient in the "D" Vitamin, it is my opinion that the information that we get on using sun screen and stay out of the sun and wear your UV ray glasses are the culprits to our Vitamin "D" Deficiency. For starters we; our beautiful bodies, know how to make tons of Vitamin "D" but can't because we don't get any SUN and we Need Sun to do that. Now I am not saying go out and get fried, just go out a reasonable amount of time and let the sun do its job for us, then get into the shade or put on some clothes and a hat. Be cautious about what you do for your body, be serious about it. Put your glasses on as well but do get some sun into yourself.
Have you heard that the dreaded disease Rickets is making a comeback in our children, any wonder why? Lack of Vitamin D! I have not seen a kid that isn't slathered in 32 proof uv protection all day long for days on end. I hope you are reading the list of ingredients and finding out what harm some ingredients can do to your child before you use it.

Here are some alternatives: Play in the sun for 10 minutes and then play in the shaded area. Put an Umbrella over the buggy or stroller. Wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt when you have had enough sun and a hat with a brim. Straw hats are great they filter the sun and you can still make Vitamin D. Did you know you can get a great tan through filmy light weight fabric?

1. What would you do if you do get a sunburn?
Answer: Put some Mangosteen pure fruit juice by Xango on some gauze and place it on the burn and you will be amazed at how fast the burn is healed. The sting is gone in minutes.
2. Where do you get this Mangosteen Juice by Xango?
Answer: Go to my website and sign up for less than $50.00 and you can also buy it wholesale and have it delivered right to your door as often as you like.
3. Where does it ship from?
Answer: It ships from the nearest distribution center to you.
4. Do you have more Questions?
Answer: email me ( and I will answer whatever question you have with pleasure and you are under absolutely no obligation what so ever.

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Hints and tips for good health, plus bHip Energy drink and Mangosteen products that are amazing for your health.