Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vitamin D Deficiency, My thoughts on this.

I hate to say it but most North Americans are deficient in the "D" Vitamin, it is my opinion that the information that we get on using sun screen and stay out of the sun and wear your UV ray glasses are the culprits to our Vitamin "D" Deficiency. For starters we; our beautiful bodies, know how to make tons of Vitamin "D" but can't because we don't get any SUN and we Need Sun to do that. Now I am not saying go out and get fried, just go out a reasonable amount of time and let the sun do its job for us, then get into the shade or put on some clothes and a hat. Be cautious about what you do for your body, be serious about it. Put your glasses on as well but do get some sun into yourself.
Have you heard that the dreaded disease Rickets is making a comeback in our children, any wonder why? Lack of Vitamin D! I have not seen a kid that isn't slathered in 32 proof uv protection all day long for days on end. I hope you are reading the list of ingredients and finding out what harm some ingredients can do to your child before you use it.

Here are some alternatives: Play in the sun for 10 minutes and then play in the shaded area. Put an Umbrella over the buggy or stroller. Wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt when you have had enough sun and a hat with a brim. Straw hats are great they filter the sun and you can still make Vitamin D. Did you know you can get a great tan through filmy light weight fabric?

1. What would you do if you do get a sunburn?
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