Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is the 3rd of 3 Proven Flat Belly Foods from an article in Prevention Magazine. I know we all want a flat belly and now is the time to really think about how we can accomplish this.
PROTEIN: It doesn't just build muscle, it fights belly fat too. Korean researchers found that adults eating more protein lost about 2 more pounds of belly fat than those who ate less protein and more carbs, aim for about 25% of your calories from protein - that's 100g if you eat 1,600 calories a day. Protein also helps you feel more satisfied, so include some of these lean protein packed foods at each meal.
Cottage cheese (1/2C)= 14g protein Soybeans (1 C)= 22g protein
Brown Rice and Beans (1 C)= 26g Protein Eggs (2) = 14g Protein
Tuna (22g) = 22g Protein Beef Tenderloin (3 oz( = 23g Protein
Fat Free Milk (1C) = 8g Protein Lentil Soup (1C) = 18g Protein
Chicken Breast,skinless (3oz)= 10g Protein Fat free Yogurt (6oz)= 7g Protein
Veggie Burger (1) = 11g Protein Quinoa (1C) = 8g Protein

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